Welcome to ACE Biotek

ACE Biotek is located in Zhubei biomedical science park, and the aim of the company is to improve the quality of healthcare and increase the betterment of human beings

Welcome to ACE Biotek

ACE Biotek has accumulated its core techniques for a decade, by applying the innovated healthcare solutions ACE Biotek would like to increase the quality of patient experience worldwide

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The Latest News

THz Workshop

Taoyuan Armed Forces General Hospital and ACE Biotek has hold a cooperative education ceremony on August 27, 2019. More opportunities are expected to be created.


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2019 ACE Biotek tennis competition is just started

2019 ACE Biotek tennis competition is scheduled from August 2 to August 9 in Taichung, nearly 600 people registered in this event.


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2019 ATIDA event is now opening for registration

For the purpose of enhancing Terahertz application, the company is now welcoming all the people to participate this ATIDA competition.


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Terahertz Application Siminar

ACE Biotek is honored to have Dr. Liu to share his views regarding the history evolution and future development plan of


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Tera-Hertz is one section of electromagnetic spectrum, its frequency range is between 100GHz and 10,000GHz, is considered as high-end optical detection method that can be widely applied in different applications.

ACE Biotek, is devoted working on the systems of biomedical image detection, has established Tera-Hertz labs and has also obtained the ownership of famous technical equipment suppliers including VDI, TeraView, TeraSense, and I2S.

We welcome everyone who is interested in visiting our Tera-Hertz lab.

THZ Security Solution
The frequency of THz is between far infrared and microwave, it can penetrate dielectric materials and is suitable for security check and non-destructive test
Because of the special penetration capability for dielectric materials (i.e. no harm to humans), it can be applied on many different applications such as examinations of security, food, poison, etc. We welcome you to visit our labs.
mmWave Solution
The mainstream of the wireless communication is mmWave, we offer multiple technical solutions for the department of R&D and product manufacturing
With the commercialization of 5G NR chipsets, we offer various mmWave solutions of different RF bands based on customers’ high-frequent equipment on hand. The applications include wireless communication, medical examinations, and Nano material inspections, etc.
Tera Prospector System
Having the latest optoelectronics technology, the spectrum of THZ can already be obtained from THz time-domain spectroscopy
The THZ pulsed signal can be used in THz time-domain spectroscopy, it can obtain the information of spectrum from FFT and can be used in material inspections.
THZ 3D Imaging System
THZ signal, can penetrate dielectric materials and has no harm to human, is fairly appropriate for the new medical imaging systems
Testing of human tissue and development of medical equipment can be achieved by THz signal based on the features of penetrating the dielectric materials and optical distance information for non-contact results.

Artificial Intelligence Lab

Our AI team includes several doctorial graduates and expers who have many years of the experience in artificial intelligence field, such fields include images from visible light, black light, nuclear magnetic resonance, da vinci surgical system, etc.
The core value of AI lab is we can assist our clients to find the potential (additional) values and establish highly-customization predictable models base on algorithms. In order to achieve the expectation from the clients, we do also have experienced project managers who not only have comprehensive knowledge in AI but also can support the clients regarding the discussions of detailed specifications so that we could build precise models base on the results of data mining and algorithms efficiently.

Mechanical Surgery
Artificial Intelligence can help in assessing the risks of the procedure on Da Vinci Surgical System
All the details of the images will be captured during the operation of Da Vinci Surgical System, AI can be used in risk assessment in each of the process.
Infrared Camera
Infrared Camera is the device that can detect the images of temperature distribution
Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera is the device that can detect the images of temperature distribution via non-contacting and non-invasive sensor, aligning with AI it can increase the precision rate of the treatment.
Visible Light Image
Visible light image aligned with AI can increase the overall identification perception
Visible light image can be generally applied in medical healthcare applications, including fall detection, in-depth camera navigation and other alike. With AI technology, the overall identification perception can be increased expectantly.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging analysis can be coordinated with AI for further in-depth research
Magnetic Resonance Imaging analysis can not only applied on the biomedical (healthcare) structures, but also can be adjusted of its precision rate by adopting the technology of AI.


In the recent decades, hospitals are determined to carry out Electronic management worldwide; however, it is fairly difficult to remove all the paper-base documents for various reasons (i.e. many people including healthcare professionals still cannot change the behavior of handwriting) and this is also considered as the most critical part.

UniiPen, handwriting assist system, is the solution for tackling the issue mentioned above, meaning that hospitals do not necessarily change their current process dramatically and can also meet the same requirement of E-management.

In other words, the solution of UniiPen is to provide a more efficient way for healthcare professionals in writing. After completed writing on the paper-base documents, the handwriting assist system will automatically synchronized all the information directly to the computer. It implies this handwriting assist system can significantly reduce the labor cost in repeatedly key-in all the data manually, as well as the system can recognize all the data precisely that can be preserved in the server for further analysis.

Short Introduction of UniiPen
Advantages of UniiPen
  • With UniiPen, customers can preserve the original handwriting behavior
  • UniiPen has the highest resolution and it can precisely preserve all the graphology
  • Customers can have the same handwriting behavior, and hospitals do not need to change its current operating procedures
  • Customers can use the original forms (i.e. do not need to adjust/modify the original forms)
  • All the data will be synchronously transferred to the server, reducing the great amount of labor cost
  • UniiPen has high precise recognition that makes further analysis turning to be possible
  • Highly customization of the integration of HIS/NIS

ACE Biotek Location

Address: No. 66, Shengyi 2nd Road, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County, Taiwan

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